Essential Tips for a Healthy Post-Lockdown Transition at Work

As we head into a full post-lockdown period (hopefully permanently), our work lives are bracing for many changes.

During the lockdown, the lines between personal life and work-life blurred and even disappeared at some point. Schedules became more flexible. Many of us attended meetings and tackled our household and job responsibilities at the same time. This was almost inconceivable at the beginning of last year.

We have also learnt that work can be flexible and that we have more strength and control than we ever thought.

Now, as we gradually get our former work lives back, we head into another transition. This article gives you practical steps that will help you handle these changes better.

Reflect on the good habits you developed

Before you fully transition from your work from home arrangement to an office 9 to 5, you may want to find time to reflect on the lockdown period. While there are general changes experienced by almost everyone who worked from home, there are also some observations that are peculiar to you and your work.

While you reflect, I suggest you make a list and note essential observations. So, what are the specific things you should note while reflecting?

Many of us struggled to adapt to the changes that the lockdown brought to our work. And even though it was challenging, we eventually adapted and found a system that worked. In The process, we’ve had to develop some habits or skills that helped our productivity. Some of these habits had a positive impact even beyond our work lives.

Several people started working out during the lockdown. If you started earlier last year, you must have noticed some positive effects on your body. Now that you’re resuming your 9 to 5 routine, you may have to reschedule some activities. However, do what you can to retain those good habits.

Meditation is another everyday activity that a lot of people learnt during the lockdown. Others include scheduling your tasks and taking occasional breaks during your workday.

You must identify such habits to ensure continuity and stay productive.

Identify what skills you need

The next stage is to identify the skills you need to do better at your work. One of the things we learnt during the lockdown is that you can upskill anytime and anywhere. The lockdown also opened multiple channels for getting things done better.

Become a well-rounded professional by gaining more knowledge and abilities in addition to your experience.

Maintain effective communication

Communication is an aspect of teamwork that improved during the lockdown for most organisations. When working from home, there are fewer distractions from coworkers. This can be pretty frustrating if your job requires that you answer to three or more people. On some days, you end up attending to “quick requests” so much that you don’t get any significant tasks done.

However, while working from home, no one could drop in with quick requests. Everyone had to send messages or emails, and you could (sometimes) do the most important things first.

Scheduled communication keeps you in control of your time and work process. As you resume back at the office, prepare to set up your personal space for focused work. Thankfully, you’re not alone in this transition, so with a bit of explaining, most of your colleagues will understand.

Identify your present mental and emotional state

Post-lockdown work is coming with a lot of change, so it’s crucial to know exactly how you feel while preparing. Do you feel fear, anxiety, excitement, uncertainty, or a mixture of all? Identifying your state mentally and emotionally is helpful, so you understand how to best respond to your emotional needs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure it out alone. Theraply has licensed and experienced counsellors that are ready to support you. Even after resuming work at the office, you can talk to a therapist anywhere and anytime you need support.

The past several months have shown us how unpredictable our lives can be. We have also learnt that we can adapt to anything life throws our way. As you head into another period of change, know that you’re equipped to adjust and thrive.

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